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  • Indoor Air Quality Inspection MA

    I want to express how thankful I am for the efforts Al took in addressing the issues I had. As you have read in this blog, I was offered by a family member to purchase the condo that had originally belonged to my grandmother. I am saddened by the fact that neither myself or my family was aware of the extent of mold that was present. It wasn’t until the removal of her items that I noticed what I thought was mold. I decided to contact a specialist and that is when I met with Al Hall from Baystate Mold Advisers. He was very helpful in not only identifying where the mold was present, but on how I could remedy the problem and keep it from coming back. I can truthfully say he was extremely professional and understanding. Looking back when my grandmother was alive, I can remember how she would complain how she had difficulty with her breathing. If I only knew then what I know now I would have done everything in my power to have had the mold eliminated. I would never had thought that all this time it was mold that was contributing to her decline. If you have issues with mold, do not hesitate to contact Baystate Mold Advisors. All will help you every step of the way.

    -Jeremy Paulsen 

  • Indoor Air Quality Inspection MA

    Shortly after I moved into my new home, I quickly discovered I had a mold problem in the cellar. I called Al in a panic, described what was going on and he was at my home the next day. He came in, gave me a quote, described the products he would use and took samples- all for free. He referred me to his website for information on the mold remediation process which was very informative. After witnessing how knowledgeable and professional he was, I decided to hire him to do the job. He communicated very well with both myself and the builder on how and when the project would occur. The entire mold remediation process was completed in 2 days. I am so grateful that I came across Al’s company when I was frantically searching for someone to help me. He really did the job right and I would definitely refer him as a reputable company. Thanks again Al- I can rest easier now knowing the mold is gone.

    - jayne buczek

  • Indoor Air Quality Inspection MA

    If you are looking for a start to finish mold solution this is who you should call! Hands on owner, remediated the mold from a home I recently purchased and was well worth the cost! Educated in the field, professional.

    - B. Bast

  • Indoor Air Quality Inspection MA

    Recently, I contacted several mold remediation companies regarding a possible mold issue in my attic. After looking in the attic; two of the companies informed me that I had a mold problem and suggested a full mold remediation for the attic. A third company stated that mold was present, but dormant and suggested that spraying would work. The owner of Baystate Mold Advisors informed me that the areas of concern were dormant mold spots, could be treated by the homeowner. After listening to my concerns, the owner of Baystate Mold Advisors provided me with three different estimates to combat the problem within several days. With each company providing different solutions for the same problem, I contacted an independent mold company for testing. The results from the test and their recommendations were closely aligned with the information provided by Baystate Mold Advisors. The owner of Baystate Mold Advisors provided an honest, unbiased opinion and I would not hesitate to use this company again.

    - Raffie Blue, Wareham

  • Indoor Air Quality Inspection MA

    Really knows how to get rid of mold so you can breath easy and have peace of mind the job will be done right.

    - Tammy Hall

  • Indoor Air Quality Inspection MA

    Mr. Hall responded very quickly to our telephone request, and the investigation was performed by him on 12/9/17. Mr. Hall is both courteous and professional. He spent 1.5 hours exploring our dwelling, both inside, outside, and in our garage. He used professional equipment to sample air quality, detect mold, and to perform thermal scans to detect the quality of insulation in walls and ceilings. His resulting report was thorough and prompt. Included in his report were lab results, photos of problem-related areas, and heat-sensitive photos of numerous areas where insulation is either weak or completely lacking. He also detected mold in one area of our garage, which mold has penetrated our interior air heating and cooling system. We will act on Mr. Hall’s recommendations as soon as weather permits.

    Mr. Hall’s charges for his investigation were very reasonable. We would recommend him without reservation to anyone seeking help and advice with respect to a suspected air quality problem.

    - Alice & John Crawley
    Mansfield, MA

  • Indoor Air Quality Inspection MA

    This company is the only one that has successfully solved our basement leak problems. We bought our house 11 years ago, and, we realize now, that the leak was covered up and the home inspector never caught the problem. We had one company supposedly fix the leak a couple of years ago. The technology this incompetent company used was old, so just coating the leak on the inside and outside didn't hold. Baystate, instead filled the leak with an expansive material, and additionally he fixed leaky cement tie pins. Also, Al Hall, the head of Baystate, charges less than other companies with less experience and knowledge. He also has a really friendly funny demeanor which is reassuring when dealing with awful basement mold and leaks.

    - Nancy

  • Indoor Air Quality Inspection MA

    From the moment that Al stepped out of his truck, he was punctual, personable, professional, and very knowledgeable. I would most definitely recommend Al and Baystate Mold Advisors to anyone who was facing a serious problem, or even just had concerns about their house. I knew after I met with Al that he not only would know what to do to fix our problem, but more importantly, that it would be fixed properly and with the highest quality.
    We had a problem with smoke entering out apartment from a neighboring apartment, and Al was sympathetic to our problem and so helpful in helping us get our air tested to see what exactly was coming in. He made expert recommendations for us about how best to fix the problem so that we could bring the information to our landlord. Again, I’d recommend Al to anyone!

    - Dane Gigas