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Mold usually starts to grow in moist and dark areas. With time it turns into an invisible unwanted guest that can be hazardous to your health. Sometimes, you can see small traces of it; however, it could be concealed behind walls or in your ventilation system. By hiring our mold inspection and testing service in Brockton, MA, you’ll be able to confirm your suspicions and put an end to the problem. Your home is supposed to be a safe place, and we take pride in helping you detect issues.

Our Mold Detection Service Will Keep You Safe

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Our home mold inspection service involves various methods to improve its accuracy. Our experienced inspectors use the latest technology to detect even the smallest particles. Baystate Mold Advisors, LLC breaks down your home into parts to make the process more efficient and thorough; we check from the basement to the attic. A visual inspection is not enough because mold growth can be hidden behind walls. For that reason, we conduct thermal scans, air screenings to check dust and humidity levels and end by taking air samples on every floor. Finally, we’ll hand in a report with our findings.

A Thorough Inspection Is All You Need

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Our mold inspection and testing services in Brockton, MA, are designed to check every existing surface. We rely on our senses and technological tools to detect mold growth even in hard-to-reach areas. At Baystate Mold Advisors, LLC, we follow safety guidelines to guarantee your safety during the procedure. If you want to schedule our services, contact our team today!

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