Get 50% Off On Our Mold Inspections

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Get 50% Off On Our Mold Inspections

Are mold inspections really needed? We come across many clients who have the same question as they often underestimate the resilience of mold and the negative impact it could have on their property. 

To shed light on the necessity of mold testing and increase the number of mold inspections, Baystate Mold Advisors are presently offering a fantastic discount on mold inspections.

We are offering customers 50% off on our mold inspection services, which will continue to run until the end of October. For those who are concerned about having a mold problem, do not miss out on this incredible offer! By addressing the issue, you will know if it is a serious issue or a minor nuisance. Either way, you will benefit greatly from this discount!

If you want to take advantage of this offer, call us at (508) 930-7326 and mention this blog post. To learn more about our mold inspections, please click here or visit our website, or contact Baystate Mold Advisors by clicking here.