How Baystate Mold Advisors Helped A Client Tackle A Mold Infestation

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How Baystate Mold Advisors Helped A Client Tackle A Mold Infestation

Mold is a major health concern in homes and office spaces as exposure to damp and moldy environments may cause a variety of health effects. Mold is known to cause nasal stuffiness, throat irritation, coughing or wheezing, eye irritation, or, in some cases, skin irritation. To avoid mold-related health concerns, getting rid of mold and other pollutants become essential.

Keep reading to learn about how we helped a client with a severe mold problem.

The Challenge: Addressing a mold issue for a client concerned about chemical sensitivities.

We were recently approached by a client who wanted to carry out a renovation project, but the building had a severe mold problem. A few years earlier, the client had a converted a coop into a cabin, but it sat empty for a couple of years. As a result, mold had developed throughout the building. The client’s son wanted to do the remodel himself, but as a father, our client was apprehensive due to the presence of mold.

He wanted the mold treated, but was concerned about chemical sensitivities. He wanted a green product that would lower the live spore count so his son could work safely.

Upon our inspection, we found that the mold was present on both sides of the wall, and had been there for quite some time. Moreover, the humidity in the building was very high, so mold was staying active and proliferating.

The Solution: Research and an innovative approach.

Based on our inspection and finding, we began putting together remedial measures keeping our client’s concerns in mind. During our research, we found a non-pathogenic bacteria that dissolves mold and creates an enzyme that searches out new mold to consume. Considering that our client wanted a green product, this solution seemed ideal.

We introduced the plan to our client, and he agreed. However, before we could begin, there were a couple of areas that needed to be addressed. Based on our recommendations, the client decided that the roof needed repairing before interior rebuilding began. As this was a Winter project, a dehumidifier had to be installed and need to be operated at all times to keep the humidity at 55% or lower, and the building must be heated to no lower than 45 F.

Our biggest challenge was the timing of treatment due to the prevailing Winter weather conditions. Confirmation that the enzyme treatment was successfully working was another challenge we faced. All in all, it took a couple of days to find the enzyme. Once we did, with the help of the homeowner, the building was made available at our discretion. He agreed to keep the heat on in the vacant building and operate the dehumidifier 24/7 and allow us access anytime to take verification tape lift and air samples to confirm a reduction in mold growth. The application of the enzyme took about an hour, and we have gone back to the site twice to take confirmation samples, and both sets came back clean.

The Bottom Line

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